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Api-Expo 2018

Api-Expo participants (last update March 21, 2018):

Apiary Götze (Germany) (Sabine and Ralf Götze)

Beecura (Germany) (Jürgen Schmiedgen)

Naturezone (Germany) (Andreas Daugsch)

Api-Zentrum Ruhr (Germany) (Thomas Glogger)

Naturius (Germany) (Familie Aichorn)

Biobee (Switzerland) (Claudia Perle/Brigita Stucki) 

Brazil Iberica (Spain) (Bruno Serra)

Abeilles Santé (Ballot-Flurin) (France) (Catherine Flurin, Remi Ballot, Andrew Tape)

Prices necessary to rent a booth in Api-Expo 2018 (IBB Hotel City Centre, Passau, March 23-25, 2018):

 Booth sizes not DAB Member DAB Member
0,7 x 0,7 m (Info table)   120 € (no products sales)
2 x 2m 500 € 350 €
3 x 2m 750 € 525 €
 4 x 2m  1.000 €  700 €

Application for a booth in Api-Expo 2018

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