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Speakers, Expositors, regular Participants

We are waiting, like in all previous over 15 years, speakers, authors, exhibitors and participants from all over the world!

Participants from the following 16 countries have already confirmed their presence:

Austria, Canada, Czechia, France, Germany, Japan, Kosovo, Egypt, Kuwait, Nepal, Portugal,  Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Turkey, USA 

You can see the photos and Curriculum vitaes of our speakers here below:


Apitherapy for beginners

HP Peter Heinrich

CV Peter Christoph Heinrich (German)

Permaculture and Apitherapy

Hannah Loranger, Jessy Loranger (Germany/Canada)

CV Hanna Loranger (English)

CV Jessy Loranger (English)

Organic beekeeping and Apitherapy
Ulrich Bröker (Germany)

CV Ulrich Bröker (English)

In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of a Toothpaste with Propolis 

Bratko Filipič et al. (Slovenia)

CV Bratko Filipic (English and German)

CV Klemen Rihar, Slovenia (English)

Our findings on the functional effects of royal jelly
Yukio Narita and Kenji Ichihara (Japan)

CV Kenji Ichihara (Japan)(English)

CV Yukio Narita (Japan)(English)

News on Propolis Research
Andreas Daugsch (Germany)

An Innovative Procedure for Increasing the Nutritional and Therapeutic Value of the most Complex Food, Bee Pollen, through fermentation with Kombucha consortia – Ionut Moraru (Romania)

CV Ionut Moraru (English)

Medical experience with Honey – Matthias Holeiter (Switzerland)

Vitamin D Megadoses and Apitherapy – a new Treatment-Concept for Autoimmune disorders
Edmund Blab (Austria)

CV Edmund Blab (English)

Bee venom therapy in multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis
Franc Grošelj (Slovenia)

CV Franc Groselj (Slovenia)(English)

Beehive products, Apitherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Stefan Stângaciu (Romania)

CV Dr Stefan Stangaciu (English)

Apitherapy in Canada:
Adrien Thibault, Yann Loranger, Marie-Pierre Fortier (France/Canada)

CV Adrien Thibault (English)

Beehive air therapy devices
Jürgen Schmiedgen (Germany)

 CV Jürgen Schmiedgen (English)


Nina Ilič (Slovenia)

CV Nina Ilič (Slovenia)(English)

Post-Congress field trip guides: 

Johann Schachtner and Arno Bruder

Hans Schachtner

Arno Bruder

Post-Congress Workshops

Antonio Couto (Portugal)
CV Antonio Couto (English)

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