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Technical Tour

Technical tour for the Congress participants on Sunday afternoon, 31.03.2019

Apiary Prüfhof Kringell

Kringell 3, 94116 Hutthurm, Germany

Departure: 14:00 h. in front of the IBB City Center Hotel (Passau)

The transportation will be made by bus and we will get also the dinner and 1 drink

Limited number of participants: max. 45 people

Guided tour in German and English.

Tour guides:  Johann Schachtner and Arno Bruder

Travel expense: only 40 Euro

Pre-registration: mandatory!

Tour Guides: Hans Schachtner and Arno Bruder

Hans Schachtner

Arno Bruder, Master Beekeeper
Youtube video which best shows what Arno is doing in Germany

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